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You’d be surprised at what you can find at an animal shelter, from cats and dogs to rabbits and more. The benefits are numerous and most rewarding.

Animal shelters like the NYC area shelters aim to find loving animals permanent homes, as well as provide you or your family a pet suitable for your life style and environment. The NYC area shelters have loving pets waiting to provide friendship, loyalty, and a smile on your face.

How do they end up at the shelter?

Animals aren’t in shelters because they are bad pets to have, but weren’t in the best circumstances for them. There are pets that are lost every day that have no collar or micro chip and never find their way home due to this.

There are pets that due to the economy are homeless due to people not being able to provide for them or had to move and aren’t allowed pets, lack of reproduction prevention. Some are even there due to lack of responsibility.

Pets are a lifetime commitment and some people don’t take this into consideration.

Keeping your new dog happy and safe

Your dog is a city dog and that’s fine, but do you know how to keep him safe and happy at all times of year? Whether you’re at Marine Park or Central Park there are a few considerations you should keep in mind when owning a dog in the city:

  • Keep Vaccination Records Handy: Particularly if you’re planning on taking your dog to a dog park, keep a collar tag or paper print outs ready. That way, if your dog is in an altercation or even wants to play with a skittish owner you’ve got proof he’s vaccinated.
  • Get a Good 24-Hour Vet: They’re located all over town (use your internet to find one in your area) and it’s as easy as storing a number in your phone. If there’s an emergency you don’t want to waste precious time looking up directions.
  • Manage Foot Care: Your dog’s feet are going to be far more tattered than that of a suburban dog so you need to take more care. Ask the groomer to condition and file and take it upon yourself to check your dog’s feet each night for debris or anything toxic.

Keeping your dog healthy

Like every human, dogs need proper nutrition to keep them healthy and feeling great. But with so many different products and treats available, how do you know what’s best for your furry friend?

First, there’s the choice between wet and dry food. For the most part, it really depends upon your dog’s preferences. Dry food tends to be cheaper as there is no moisture. The nutrients are also more concentrating, meaning that your furry pal will eat less.

 It is also important to keep in mind that wet food is higher in proteins and fats, while dry food contains more starches and other carbohydrates.

Many pet owners feed their pets too much. The guidelines on your chosen pet foods is often the best place to start, though it should be noted that many of these guidelines overestimate the proper amount of food. If your dog has noticeable fat deposits at the base of the tail or on its back and you cannot feel its ribs, you may be feeding him too much. If you can see his ribs, you may not be feeding him enough.

Finally, how often you feed your dog is also important for proper nutrition. After six months of age, dogs should be feed twice each day. Puppies younger than six months should be fed three times each day.

One big happy family

Both your children and your pets are very special to you, and you love them an incredible amount. As a result, you want them to get along with each other. They can, and many children and pets become best friends. However, you need to make sure you are watching their interactions.

Sometimes, children do not understand how delicate an animal can be. They might swing the pet by the tail or hit it. They also might play too rough with the dog, cat or other animal.

Children do not automatically understand the rules by themselves; you need to teach them.

When a child is playing too roughly with a pet, the animal might react. This reaction could come in the form of a gentle swat, or it could be a dangerous bite. Sometimes, other factors cause animals to bite as well. Pets could accidentally knock into your children as well.

Children also must be watched if they are taking the pet outside. Once again, they may not understand how to properly hold a leash. You do no want your precious pet to run away. Ultimately, when you want your pet and children to be friends, you need to take some precautions.


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